Sustainable and Eco-Responsible shirts of exceptional quality

Repairing and refreshing

We make shirts to last. When you get quality, colours do not fade, fabrics do not pill or fray nor do they expend, shrink or change.

The bespoke shirts we make for you will last many years, always looking fresh. Our customers are often amazed by the difference between bespoke tailoring and fast fashion. There is no comparison, even with many branded items, and you will see your tailored shirts remain beautiful while other of your fashion items fade.

Quality products mean less waste, smaller environmental impact and are particularly sustainable in the long term. Best of all, you get to influence positively on the environment by spending less world resources without compromising on style, fit or quality.

We care about being part of a sustainable future and this is why we replace the elements of your shirt that age faster: collars and cuffs.

Because they are more likely to rub against surfaces, shirt collars and cuffs sometimes age after many years of service. We always keep the remnants of material we use for your shirts and add them to our file, no matter if you come every 2 years or every 12 years, we will be safekeeping what we need for future repairs. We can also give you the extra fabric for safekeeping or other projects.

If ever you need either collar, cuffs, or both to be replaced, we will be happy to do that for you. We will use matching material or can also use contrasting fabrics for a modern look.

Responsibility sourced materials

Our effort to create eco-friendly products extends to our sources. We are very careful about all aspects of the shirts we make. We pay attention to all details and only employ the best products obtained through sustainable development.

Our main suppliers are committed, like us, to preserve our planet. They take their ethical and environmental responsibility seriously. Our main fabric providers adhere to strict guidelines.

Alumo is certified by the strict STeP by OEKO-TEX criteria, having achieved the Level 3 of best practice. They use the best cotton available with the longest strands, harvested ethically and treated with a genuine commitment to preserving nature.

Tessitura Monti guarantees a GOTS certification. They are a high-end fabric maker that understands that sustainable concerns are not a trend but are very much the future. The dyeing and finishing processes of all their fabric is eco-friendly, limiting water consumption and using natural colours.

Many of our suppliers have organic collections and keep improving their production and technology with an environmentally friendly frame of mind.

Please enquire to us if you have any questions about our shirt and we will be happy to answer all your ecological and sustainable questions.

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About Charles Nakhle Shirtmakers

Charles learnt the trade of bespoke shirts from some of the best tailors and most recognised labels in the world.

His mentor, a master tailor who approached shirt making with an engineer’s eye for precision and detail, taught Charles techniques and formulas for shaping, sizing, and grading.

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