Men's shirt design hints from a Master Tailor

What does your perfect shirt look like?

The sartorial world of bespoke garments opens the door onto such a dizzying array of options that it is easy to get lost in all the details. With our guidance, we hope to help you build your first custom tailored pieces with confidence.

When and where do you intend to wear your hand tailored shirt?

Shirts come in all kinds of shapes and fit all types of occasions. There will be a significant difference between a casual bespoke oxford shirt, a business meeting one and a dress shirt worn under a tuxedo. The best custom tailored shirt for you is adapted not only to your body but also to your chosen event.

The first thing you have to do is decide if you want a multipurpose white shirt you will be able to dress up and down in line with the occasion, a work shirt to impress or a tailored formal shirt for a wedding. In each case, we will offer you the highest quality fabric available, and our bespoke tailor will make sure you look impeccable and are comfortable.

Custom tailored shirts for a wedding

wedding shirts

See a complete guide to selecting the ultimate wedding shirts or get help to choose the perfect fit and shirting fabric.

How do you wear shirts?

Are you a neck-tie wearer? Do you prefer bow-ties or open collars? Do you want a shirt that will remain elegantly tucked in and not shift, or do you plan to wear your handmade shirt untucked, on weekends and during casual-chic parties? Do you roll up your sleeves?

All of this will influence the type of collar you want, the cuff style, the length of your shirt, your need for a pocket or not. All are essential information to share with your master shirt maker, who will recommend the appropriate style and cuts.

Custom made suits and shirts require incredible attention to detail for a perfect fit guarantee.

Are there ideal bespoke shirt options for various body types?

The best custom tailored shirts enhance your appearance by highlighting your best features. There are proportions to keep for a visually balanced and appealing look.

For example, it is better for men of a smaller stature to wear a shorter collar. Tall men, with longer arms should have longer cuffs, sometimes with 2 buttons rather than the usual single button ones.

A custom-made shirt allows you the luxury of personalising designs and making them in proportion to you specifically.

What fabric to choose when designing a bespoke shirt?

When designing a bespoke shirt, fabric choice can be tricky. Narrow it down by deciding on the season you intend to wear your shirt in. Obviously, you want lighter-weight fabrics in Spring and Summer and heavier materials in Autumn and Winter. Also, consider whether you will be wearing an undergarment and make sure the fabric you choose is opaque enough to hide it.

Custom made men’s dress shirts often play more with textured cotton than traditional button-down business shirts. You might even go for a linen blend if you are going casual, though we specialise in sourcing the highest quality cotton.

What colour and pattern should your shirt fabric be? 

This is entirely personal. It would be best if you listened to your tastes. Look at what you already own and what you like best in your wardrobe. Go for patterns you enjoy and colours that match with the trousers and suits you intend to wear your bespoke men’s shirt with.

Some colours will suit your complexion, hair and eye colour better and matching with them will lift your looks, magnifying your healthy, stylish appearance. We can help you decide on some shades and make suggestions for your perfect fit. We are always happy to guide you if you feel overwhelmed.

What are the collar and cuff options?

We offer an extensive range of collars and cuffs, all of them on display in our shop. It is a good idea to choose matching models for a unified and balanced look.

What are other options for handmade shirts?

shirt cuffs example

You will also have to choose whether you want to have a pocket, the look of your front plaquet, buttons and a few other stylistic details. Rest assured that you will be guided throughout the process by our master tailor, whose aim is to present you with the shirt that will make you shine.

For an appointment to make your premium quality dream shirt, fill out the form, or call us today.

Do you want a fully bespoke shirt?

Hello, I’m Charles Nakhle. I’m determined to give you a flawless, perfectly fit shirt. Do you want shirts that make you shine?

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Do you want a fully bespoke shirt?

Hello, I’m Charles Nakhle. I’m determined to give you a flawless, perfectly fit shirt. Do you want shirts that make you shine?

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