Caring for your dress shirts and preserving them

Shirts are meant to be worn. A bespoke shirt will feel like a second skin, comfortable, fitted to give you confidence and reflect your personality.

The last thing that should be on your mind is worrying about the caring and washing of your garment. This is why all of our products come with detailed shirt care instructions.

While the cotton we source is of the highest quality, weaved from naturally long strands of Egyptian cotton that do not pill, you can further maximise the longevity of your shirt with proper care. Many of our customers have been amazed at how the colour of our shirts does not change over time despite the many washes and constant wear. Below you will find clear instructions to lengthen the life of your durable tailored shirt.

Washing your shirt at home

To remove stains

Treat any stains before washing your shirt. Ideally, treat the stains the soonest possible rather than leaving them overnight in your washing basket. Use water and detergent to pre-treat your shirt or precision touches of stain remover. Dab on any stain removers you use – do not rub in so as to preserve the colour of your shirt.


Before washing, always unbutton your shirt completely, including placket, cuffs, collar and pocket buttons if you have any. Always remove collar stays if you are washing a dress shirt.

It can be a good idea to have a designated place in your laundry room for stays so as not to misplace them when you need to put them back.

Ideal machine cycle and temperature of the water

Wash your shirts on the gentle cycle in your washing machine, preferably in cold water if your shirt is in darker shades. This will keep the vibrant hue of your shirt for years with no effort.

Light coloured shirts can be washed in warm water, but preferably no more than 40 degrees Celsius. Avoid hotter water to preserve the fabric. The feel of your cotton will remain soft and the fusing will maintain its integrity for a lifetime.

Drying your shirt

Do not tumble dry your precious shirts. Dress shirts will serve you longer and look fresher with air drying. Some machines promise a very gentle low-heat temperature, but the tumbling can be harsh on the fabric. While there is no shrinkage with Egyptian cotton, the feel, water retention ability and general integrity of the fabric may change over time because of the stress on the fibre.

Hang your washed shirts in a shady place out of direct sunlight, as sunlight can discolour your shirt fabric.

Avoid using hangers while drying as this may affect the fabric by stretching it over time and imparting a mark in the fabric. Use pegs on your everyday laundry line.

Starching shirts

We recommend not to use starch on your custom shirt as it may reduce its durability. With the high-quality fabric we use, starch is not needed to give body and shape to your shirt. The fabrics we use are made from 2-ply cotton, meaning that the material of your shirt will always be crisp and easy to iron.

Our fusing will keep your collar and cuffs pleasingly upright with no need for extra maintenance or agents to stiffen the fabric.

While starch helps give body to single-ply cotton, the stress occasioned on the fabric when it is bent breaks the thread fibres and causes fabrics to age more rapidly.


For best results, use a steam iron set on the appropriate setting for “Cotton”. This will get all creases out effortlessly.

Usually, the cuffs and collar are the first areas to wear out on a shirt. We can replace both with either the same fabric if available or with a contrasting fabric to give a flawless modern finish and a new life to your bespoke shirt.

Dry cleaning shirt option

Professional wash and press will always be a good option, especially for wedding shirts that are usually made from more delicate fabrics. Shirts are usually an affordable item to have professionally looked after.

Remember to mention to your cleaner if you have a stain so it can be treated specially.

Do you want a fully bespoke shirt?

Hello, I’m Charles Nakhle. I’m determined to give you a flawless, perfectly fit shirt. Do you want shirts that make you shine?

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Do you want a fully bespoke shirt?

Hello, I’m Charles Nakhle. I’m determined to give you a flawless, perfectly fit shirt. Do you want shirts that make you shine?

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