Treat your loved one to a bespoke shirt gift certificate

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Show someone in your life how special they are to you. Please even the most discerning loved one with a unique made-to-measure shirt. A bespoke garment offers both an unsurpassed experience of luxury and an ideal fit that will compliment any body-type.

Order online to arrange a gift certificate in minutes.

Nakhle Shirtmakers’ exceptional hand-finished details and custom design ensured a stylish, one-of-a-kind shirt of the highest standard.

There are many options available for your gift voucher and it can be produced without showing the price. It will come in an elegant box or as an electronic gift card in function of your preference.
The receiver of your gift will be able to browse through hundreds of the highest quality fabrics and customise their fit, buttons, collars, and cuffs.

All our shirts are hand sewn by Charles for a perfect fit guaranteed every time.

Gift them the perfect fit

Choosing a bespoke tailor means having a hand finished shirt with unequalled attention to detail. This is custom tailoring at its peak, with no less than 32 measurements taken to construct the perfect shirt. The expert craftsmanship of Charles is second to none and offers comfort, functionality, and style.

The experience of luxury

A fitting with a master tailor is a unique experience. This taste of luxury will brighten the life of any modern person who craves refinement. By entering the world of bespoke shirts, you enter a rare universe of tradition, elegance, and sophistication. Charles is one of the few master tailors left in the world with the expertise to deliver perfection.

One of a kind for a special person

With our special certificate, you offer your loved one the gift of choice. Whether they choose a dress shirt, a casual weekend shirt or a work shirt, it will reflect their personal tastes and style. With our broad range of fabrics to choose from and customisation, each shirt style is truly unique.

Years of timeless style

A tailor-made shirt crafted from the highest quality sourced fabric and sewn with care will last years without changing. It offers both unparalleled comfort and ideal fit. With a bespoke shirt your loved one will always look their best and feel their best.

Redemption and use of a Nakhle gift card will expire after 12 months from the date of issue.

About Charles Nakhle

About Charles Nakhle Shirtmakers

Charles learnt the trade of bespoke shirts from some of the best tailors and most recognised labels in the world. 

His mentor, a master tailor who approached shirt making with an engineer’s eye for precision and detail, taught Charles techniques and formulas for shaping, sizing, and grading.

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