Carefully read the Washing Instructions. All our shirts come with detailed care instructions.

Wash your shirt on the gentle cycle in your washing machine, in cold or warm water, no more than 40 degrees celcius.

Hang washed shirts in a shady place out of direct sunlight, avoid using hangers while drying as this may affect the fabric.

Treat any stains before washing, dab on any stain removers – do not rub them in.

Do not use starch on your shirt as it may reduce its durability. With the quality fabric we use starch is not needed.

Do not tumble dry your precious shirts and they will serve you longer and always look fresh.

For best results, use a steam iron set on the appropriate setting for “Cotton” on your iron to get all creases out effortlessly.

Usually the cuffs and collar wear out first on a shirt. We can replace collars and cuffs with either the same fabric if available or with a contrasting fabric to give a flawless finish.

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