Where are the shirts made?

All our bespoke shirts are handcrafted in Sydney to the highest standards by a shirt maker with over 25 years of experience.

What fabrics do you carry?

Our clients can choose from a wide range of Swiss, Italian and English cloths such as Alumo, Tessitura Monti, Grandi & Rubinelli and Acorn.

Types of shirts we make

We make super simple cotton shirts as well as high-quality tailoring for more formal occasions.

The perfect fit

The right shirt should give you a full range of motion, and should suit your body type. There should be no excess fabric pooling around your waist or down the length of your arms.

Affordable bespoke shirts

We charge a modest fee. Starting from $250 per shirt, the price increases depending on the complexity and detail required. We do not impose a minimum order requirement.

Our guarantee

Our trademark attention to fit, styling and subtle detailing reinforces the European influence and quality. We will not rest until you look rather dashing on departure.

Why buy a Charles Nakhle Bespoke shirt?

Bespoke shirts are individually tailored shirts. The difference between a bespoke shirt and a made to measure shirt is the fact that a bespoke shirt is made specifically for each person using their own unique measurements after creating a pattern for the individual. Made to measure shirts are customized from an existing pattern to fit an individual’s measurements. The amount of work involved in bespoke shirt making is therefore far greater than in made to measure. This is reflected in the overall fit and look of a shirt.

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Elevate your style

With 30 years of experience, Charles has perfected the art of shirt making. The fit and quality of these shirts is superior, those who have taken the initial step to have a Charles Nakhle shirt keep coming back for more. The benefits outweigh the cost. Not only do the shirts look great but they last much longer looking fresh and new for years, and can even be repaired when you can't bear to part with them. It takes 4 hours of work to make a single, hand crafted shirt on the premises in Parramatta. Each of which is practically a work of art. Charles is revered by some of Australia's best dressed men

Shirting options for personal style

Made to measure allows men to design their own shirts with the ability to choose fabric, collar style, cuff style and style of fit.

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There are many styles of cuffs. Choose from rounded, square, mitred, two-button, three-button, wide. Ask Charles what’s in fashion or what suits you best and he’ll be happy to help you select an option.
Lots of designs to choose from again. There’s the turn down collar, Italian cut away, semi cut away, full cut away, English cut away, thin, tab collar, wing collar are a few options to choose from.
We stock high quality Italian ties with brands like Hardy Amys and Pinoti as well as day to day wear ties from Medici.
80% of our very large range is German made, high end cuff links. We have more than 1000 to chose from. They are priced at $90. We also have a day-to-day range for $60.

We cater for weddings and other special or formal events. We make dinner shirts or any other style you desire. We can design or replicate any shirt you may like whether from a photo or an actual shirt you want to have made.

Getting married? Let Charles look after you and your groomsmen to add value to your special day.

Whether you are a performer, actor or just someone who loves a loud shirt, at Nakhle Shirtmakers you’ll find a shirt service that can cater for pretty much any event or occasion. Make sure you plan ahead, bring your ideas along and together we’ll design and bring your dream shirt to life. Recently we have made shirts for Ball Room dancing, Irish dancing, Elvis impersonators, comedians, actors and politicians.

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