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Get the perfect fit, always flawless.

Receive the full attention of a master tailor with over 35 years of expertise in men’s shirting. Be charmed by the exquisite cuts, unmatched fabric quality and comfort of our handmade bespoke shirts.

We offer a wide men’s shirt range, covering all the specificities you could desire. There is no design we cannot make, and while we have a display of over 30 collars and cuff styles to choose from, we will also work from a photograph. Whether you need a traditional oxford button-down shirt for work, a fitted shirt for weekends or a dress shirt for a special event, we will make the best custom tailored shirt for you and the occasion.

The Shop

We receive customers by appointment only.

What makes a Nakhle shirt?

All our garments are hand tailored in-house from a pattern made to your body shape. We use no less than 32 measures taken during your first appointment. This ensures the shirt follows your body to perfection, from the slope of your shoulders, length of your back, neck width and much more. Enjoy our customer focused service, master craftsmanship and rare attention to detail.

Not everyone looks like a mannequin. We make exquisite shirts that are hand tailored in-house made to your body shape.

32 measurements for the perfect fit
Choose from the world's best fabrics
Handmade in Australia by a master tailor

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