About Charles Nakhle

Charles wakes every morning of his life with the joy of knowing that he will make beautiful men's shirts. Being a master tailor of bespoke shirts is his passion.

It is the only job Charles ever had and the only one he can ever imagine doing. He loves the wonder-filled smiles that glow on his customer’s faces when they try on their new shirts.

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Over 35 years of master tailor expertise

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32 measurements per shirts

Do you want a fully bespoke shirt?

Hello, I’m Charles Nakhle. I’m determined to give you a flawless, perfectly fit shirt. Do you want shirts that make you shine?

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The long story

Who is Charles?

Charles was born in a large household of 6 sisters and a father proudly wearing a uniform. Fashion and a sense of style forever surrounded him, and it is no wonder tailoring attracted his attention. Shirts have always been his focus, and at 19, he made his first one, which he gave to his father. It is with pride he can recall that his father wore it until the day he died.

In 1985, Charles discovered the art of “bespoke” and immediately plunged in. As his passion for the precise mastery of the shirt making craft grew, he realised there was a need for it and offered his services to the public.

After relocating to Sydney in 1998 with his family, Charles established the Nakhle Shirtmakers boutique first in Phillip Street, Parramatta and later in the current location of Old Northern Road, Castle Hill.

Precision and detail. How does Charles do it?

Charles learnt the trade of bespoke shirts from some of the best tailors and most recognised labels in the world. His mentor, a master tailor who approached shirt making with an engineer’s eye for precision and detail, taught Charles techniques and formulas for shaping, sizing, and grading. All have equipped Charles with rare and superior knowledge of the shirt making craft. This expert craftsmanship is what Charles infuses into every shirt to make it a perfect, luxurious experience you can own and wear every day.

What was the most complex shirt Charles ever made?

Do you remember the lavish set and costumes of The Great Gatsby? The opulence was magnificent, and so were Charles’s shirts proudly worn by Leonardo DiCaprio, Joel Edgerton and Tobey Maguire. But replicating the historical designs, with the back opening traditional of the time, the detachable front and interchangeable collars, the unique pleats and build was a challenge.

The designs were so intricate, Charles could only make two of those shirts a day. It was the set of shirts that required the most research, dedication, and expertise he ever made. It was a wonderful experience to sink back in time and consider for a moment what formal wear used to mean. Not many could have pulled this off, but Baz Luhrmann wanted no other as soon as he saw the first shirt. They were appreciated by the film crew and looked simply spectacular.

What can Charles do for you?

Charles can build you the ideal shirt for any event you would like to attend.

Whether you are looking for

  • a flattering everyday shirt
  • the most comfortable business garment you have ever known
  • a memorable shirt to sport in front of a crowd,
  • or a stylish wedding shirt for any cultural background

Nakhle Shirtmakers can provide.

Charles’ master tailor expertise will guide you into the bespoke universe with a lot of style. There is no other person exactly like you in the world, and under his careful measurement, you will get the perfect fit and style you deserve.

Charles can adapt his bespoke knowledge to your needs, and should you want a particular type of shirt for any multicultural occasion, a dancing competition, with short sleeves, in raw silk or linen, we can adapt and work with you to ensure you are always looking your best.

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