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About Charles

Charles Nakhle has been a tailor all his life. He began learning the art of “bespoke” in 1985, initially as a hobby. As his passion for the art grew and after recognizing that there’s a need by many for the made to measure shirt he offered his services to the public originally in New Zealand.

Since relocating to Sydney in 1997 with his family, Charles established the Nakhle Shirtmakers boutique in its current location in Phillip Street Parramatta.

Charles learnt the trade from some of the best tailors who worked with some of the most recognized labels in the world. In particular Frank Richardson, a master tailor who approached shirt making with an engineer’s eye for precision and detail, Frank handed to Charles valuable techniques and formulas for shaping, sizing and grading which have equipped Charles with superior knowledge and experience.

Charles is one of a handful of people remaining in Australia who provide this unique service and of the quality that it deserves.

The main challenge of a shirt master tailor?

There are several important elements to achieving a good fit and tailoring. Firstly the collar must fit around the neck comfortably. From there the shoulders must fit properly by having the seams sit on the edge of the shoulder where the sleeve will fall. Getting the correct sleeve length and body fit tailored to the individual requires an eye for detail. Charles takes 32 measurements to construct a shirt. You know you are getting a truly unique shirt tailored to your fit.

Other elements of tailoring are the processes used to make the shirt. Only top quality English cotton thread is used to prevent breaking, fading and shrinkage, Italian mother of pearl buttons for durability and German pre-shrunk fusing to prevent bubbling in the collars. A split yoke is utilised for a good shoulder fit, single needle stitching and pattern matching are also part of the processes employed in achieving the overall quality that a good shirt must have which Charles has perfected over the years.

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